Investing in producers can be one of the smartest investment choices an independent insurance agency can make. When earnings, equity and perpetuation value are all considered an effective producer easily provides a return on investment many times greater than even the best of equity portfolios over time. Like any high return investment, however, investing in producers can be risky.


Consider This…

For every 10 producers hired:

1. Three will succeed and prosper long term

2. Two will not be meeting their goals after five years

3. Five will fail within the first five years (usually within the first two years)*.

Obviously everyone wants the benefits that come with having long term prosperous producers but few like the odds. No one can guarantee success, but what if there was a way to stack the deck in your favor?

Well there is and Agency Sales Pro can help. How you ask, let’s start by examining the elements of success: There are three key elements that determine long term producer success. Proactive execution of each of these elements is vital to turning the odds in your favor:

Recruiting and hiring…

Only about 25% of the general population posses the personality traits needed to be successful in sales. With a 75% chance of error it is crucial to get this one right.


Raw talent and natural ability alone won’t guarantee success. Producers need to learn an effective sales process and become technically proficient to create value driven product and service offerings.

Management, leadership, and coaching…

Of the three elements this is the one most often left to chance. Producers not only need talent and skill but they need the consistent guidance and support of a skilled sales manager.

If you struggle with any or all of these areas perhaps we can help. Contact us to schedule a free 30 minute no obligation phone consultation. You may be glad you did.